Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Can't Fight Biology

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not religious at all. I swear my skin would burn if I ever entered a holy place such as a church or Dibley (even though I adore that show and indeed Dawn French). However there is something about the stories told in the Bible that is actually quite interesting and legendary. This fell hand-in-hand with the fact that one of Brigitte Bardot's most high-profile movies (I do realise this film has nothing to do with the Bible story but bare with me) is "And God Created Woman". Fitting really, isn't it? I can't really think of anyone of the era who would fit the "Eve" image than her.... Nowadays it would be Angelina without a doubt and I dare you to defy me on that. So this image is (trying) to take the elements of Bardot's sex-kitten sensuality and the Garden of Eden..... Well just greenery/foliage really....

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