Sunday, 17 April 2011

Forever Young

I'm working on a new series now inspired by Hollywood icons of the 40's and 50's. If I was saying what Im really thinking, I'm imagining all of these legends, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Ava Gardner and the like, all running around West Beverly High School instead of the recent cast of 90210. I think it would be interesting to see which starlet would go from major drug whore to teen mum to pop star whose one-time superstar boyfriend dies in a car crash and then proceeds to take his unrecorded material for her own, like Adrianna's story arc has been of late....indeed can i just take a moment to appreciate Adrianna. Mainly just how gorgeous Jessica Lowndes actually is and also how much i simply like the name Adrianna. Anyways I digress. This series of images is of about 14 icons (I'm grouping Fred and Ginger into one image), but I'm using my raw materials that have no actual first hand connection to these icons (i.e. i'm not starting with images of the person...) I want to achieve each icon's style through each image rather than just presenting a picture of them..... Here is the beginning stages of one Greta Garbo.

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  1. yeay i really love this one. i like that you can see the sky through her. And your description of this project is fahunny xx